Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Farm to Table

This past Fall, Shawnee Inn sponsored a charity event for the Monroe County Co-Op Farmers Market that highlighted locally grown and produced ingredients. I was really excited when they invited me to participate as one of the guest chefs, especially when I got to use locally produced chevre from Cranberry Creek Farm in Henryville, PA.  The silky smooth, delicately flavored cheese made a perfect savory custard with no additional flavors other than stewed local onions and fresh thyme from Shawnees beautiful herb gardens.  Counterpointing the custard was an array of vegetables, simply marinated and grilled, that were gathered from all of the farmers in the market. The Frogtown Inn in Canadensis, PA, was kind enough to let me use their char-broiler to prepare the veggies to succulent perfection.
Now I can't wait for next year's event! 

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