Saturday, December 26, 2009

Why I Don't Get More Days Off

(Christmas was my first day off since sometime in March.)
Well, my family and I were all sitting at our dining room table choking down filet mignon with bearnaise and mushroom cognac cream when I turned to my sister and asked her how Elvis was. My wife nudged me. Hard. My sister's quizzical look prompted me to ask her what her friend's name was.
"Oh, Albert," I said. "He has that Elvis thing going on with his hair...".
The rest of the gang was in apoplectic fits of laughter. My wife kicked me savagely under the table.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bowl Hoist for Hobart 60 & 80 Qt.

An eighty quart bowl full to the top can weigh nearly two hundred pounds... way too much for a guy who's had three hernia operations to pick up and set on the bench. I got the idea to use a block and tackle from a local machine shop, and quickly located a lift along with an "I" beam truck in a catalog. A local welder got me the beam, which we installed overhead.
The real problem was in coming up with a safe way to lift a bowl without it's slipping off the hoist, and after some thinking I came up with a design for flat double hooks with beveled tops. They fit snugly into Hobart bowl handles (both eighty and sixty quart sizes) with no chance of dislodging once the weight of the bowl rests upon them. The aforementioned welder fabricated two of them for me, and after a little bit of work adjusting the chains, they performed as advertised.
No more disc crunching, gut shredding lifting.